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Terms and Conditions

TRADE XPRESS 14-Day Money Back Guarantee Program

*The TradeXpress 14-Day Money Back Guarantee (the “Guarantee”) is eligible on vehicles within a 14-day period starting on, and inclusive of, the day of purchase. Program is offered by TradeXpress Auto, Inc. (“TradeXpress”) to the original vehicle purchaser and is eligible for vehicles purchased at Manheim Flint only. Vehicles within the 14-day period that have accumulated 100 miles or more are not eligible under the program. Vehicle must have no material damage and must be in the same condition as was presented at the time of taking possession as evidenced by the TRADE X condition report. A vehicle cannot be returned for any reason previously outlined in the condition report, specified in the auction announcement(s), and/or specified on the Purchase Agreement and/or its Appendix. Buyer must pay for and take possession and/or delivery of vehicle(s) in order to proceed with a claim under the Guarantee. Request for coverage under the Guarantee requires the completion of the Registration Form on Upon completion of Registration the buyer will be provided instructions through telephone contact for the return of the vehicle(s). Once the claim has been registered, the buyer will have ten (10) days to deliver the vehicle(s) back to the original location where the vehicle(s) were purchased. Upon arrival of the vehicle(s), TradeXpress and/or its affiliate will perform a complete vehicle inspection and condition report to ensure and confirm accuracy of vehicle condition as well as a lien check to ensure the vehicle is unencumbered. Upon confirmation of the vehicle’s original condition, mileage allowance, a CARFAX report, and the presence of vehicle equipment such as keys, manuals, accessories, floor mats, etc. (the “Vehicle Equipment”), and the vehicle has not been offered for sale at any online wholesale or digital auction, the buyer will be notified of approval, less any replacement fees for the Vehicle Equipment if applicable. The buyer will be required to provide the vehicle’s title in order to receive a refund of the vehicle’s original purchase price, minus applicable non-refundable physical/online auction fees and/or replacement fees for Vehicle Equipment. Aftermarket accessories installed by the buyer and/or any buyer reconditioning during the time of ownership may render the vehicle ineligible for coverage under the program. Replacement of the Vehicle Equipment is the buyer’s responsibility and will be deducted from the program’s refund payment. Buyer is responsible for return transportation fees to the original location or the closest TradeXpress-approved facility. Vehicles specially ordered for the buyer and/or not sold through a participating auction partner are non-refundable. The Guarantee does not cover any buyer reconditioning costs. Buyer’s found to have abused or attempting to abuse the Guarantee shall be ineligible for the Guarantee and TradeXpress reserves the right to void the Guarantee for those buyers it deems having done so. Further restrictions may apply and program refunds are at the sole discretion of TradeXpress. Final claim approval is at TradeXpress’s discretion and program may be changed, terminated or substituted at any time by TradeXpress without notice. Contact your TradeXpress account representative or email for details. E. & O. E.

[Rev. 02-16-2021]